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Push Everything to its limits,
How else do we learn how far we can go?

Hacking, in the traditional term (hacking) hardware to make it do things it was never designed to do. See pic 1 testing, Spec sheet said max on the tube was 4.8kv for short bursts but didnt quite explain how short that piece of string was. Safe working conditions, apparently is 2,4kv ;) But after a lot of grid fuses and one tube later, It takes 180w of drive on the plate @ 3.8kv produces 2kw pep @ 50% duty cycle and has done for years, fans no longer required :)

Pic 2-3, Got to love an old boat anchor The Kenwood TS 950SD Digital & An old Heathkit SB-230 if you dont know what it is, ask grandad :) The YAESU FT 101-B 1974 The radio that Yaesu released with 11m as factory fit. Belts out 160w pep Tuned for 11m

Raping Arm processors for every byte they got, trying to build an educational computer that users have to program first before it will do anything.
Toolkits include Basic, SDLBasic, Pascal, C, C++ with thousands of examples and guides in procedural and object orientated programming from hello world to immersive 3d virtual worlds. Create web pages and host them using industry standard servers such as Apache, MySQL & PHP.

Old Fart Old tricks.

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Microphone: Rode NT
Antenna: SIRIO TORNADO 5/8
Amplifier: Radio PWR No amp

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