Lista wydarzeń

1AQ/124ActivationItaly flag  Italy2020-06-212020-06-28
161 EEWorld Echo Echo ContestPoland flag  Poland2020-06-062020-06-07
19AT/PDADUTCH ALFATANGO PROVINCE CONTESTNetherlands flag  Netherlands2020-06-012020-12-31
26COT193England flag  England2020-05-080000-00-00
108AT/SC/BAlfa Tango Santa Claus Contest 2019Scotland flag  Scotland2019-12-012019-12-31
1AT/ITA-111Paola LighthouseItaly flag  Italy2019-08-190000-00-00
330FDX/ZA003John DorotaSlovak Rep flag  Slovak Rep2019-07-302019-07-30
14FDX/AT024difm ile madameFrance flag  France2019-07-272019-07-28
14PAT/FFF087ACTIVATION lagune de saint magne France flag  France2019-05-152019-12-31
91TS/MOMactivationUnknown prefix flag  Unknown prefix2019-04-042019-06-20
29KPI/M100marconi anniversary 100 yrs qsl via hq Ireland flag  Ireland2019-03-212019-10-31
8/13AT105Holiday StationPeru flag  Peru2019-03-202019-04-30
107PAT369/DXACTIVE STATIONMonaco flag  Monaco2019-03-100000-00-00
24PAT101/DXactivationPanama flag  Panama2019-03-012019-12-31
1BIG/TO193Castello di Nole / Castle of Nole (DCI Ref. TO193)Italy flag  Italy2019-01-012019-12-31
1FB666/QRPQRP Activation during the whole year in fixed, portable and mobile station. (TX Power: 0.5 W AM / 0.8 W SSB - QRG Call-Monitor: 27.125 / 27.155 / 27.255 / 27.265 MHz - QSL: eQSL)Italy flag  Italy2019-01-012019-12-31
29BIG/EU115Ireland IOTA EU-115 - QRP ActivationIreland flag  Ireland2019-01-012019-12-31
1FB666/MCMerry Christmas QRP Activation - Special eQSL Card - System: LOG System, Band: 27 MHz, Mode: AM - SSB, QRG Monitor: 27.255 - 27.265 MHz, Power: 0.5W AM - 0.8W SSB, QSL: eQSLItaly flag  Italy2018-12-222018-12-31
26AT/SC/LALFA TANGO SANTA CONTEST 2018England flag  England2018-12-012018-12-31
108AT/SC/BAlfa Tango Santa Claus Contest 2018Scotland flag  Scotland2018-12-012018-12-31
14 KV 04 Unknown prefix flag  Unknown prefix2018-10-120000-00-00
328CI/DXCroatia flag  Croatia2018-07-172018-08-18
161AT/40YAlfa Tango 40 Years Anniversary.Poland flag  Poland2018-01-062018-07-29
161AT482/40YAlfa Tango 40 Years Anniversary.Poland flag  Poland2018-01-062018-07-29
30AT344/40YSES 40Y GRI ATSpain flag  Spain2018-01-062018-07-29
30VDX01 ACTIVACION ANIVERSARIO VDX GROUP 27605Spain flag  Spain2017-12-022017-12-03
10AD/NLSantiago Nuevo Leon MountainsMexico flag  Mexico2017-10-082017-10-09
108LR/EU123Isle of ArranScotland flag  Scotland2017-07-292017-07-29
1AT/..ALFA TANGO ITALIAN PROVINCES - IPA AWARDItaly flag  Italy2017-07-292017-07-30
1AT/ITALIA PNO QSL DOWLOAD AWARD ON AT ITALIA SITE ( flag  Italy2017-07-012017-07-16
29SD/WAW wild atlantic way activation Ireland flag  Ireland2017-07-012017-11-30
1AT/ AT ITAL ALFA TANGO Italia provinces awardItaly flag  Italy2017-06-242017-06-25
1AT/ITALIA PALFA TANGO Italian province awardItaly flag  Italy2017-01-072017-07-16
169LR/0Guernsey IslandGuernsey Island & Depend flag  Guernsey Island & Depend2016-12-192016-12-20
26AT/000AT ENGLAND CLUB STATIONEngland flag  England2016-08-252016-09-01
161FDX/DXPoland flag  Poland2016-07-092016-07-29
30PAS/SPA041Spanish lighthouse SPA041Spain flag  Spain2016-06-152016-06-30
26AT/IW001Island Festaval 2016England flag  England2016-06-042016-06-04
153/14AT232HOLIDAY STATIONThailand flag  Thailand2016-04-042016-04-19
37AT IOTA TOiota tour by 30AT766 JoseDominican Republic flag  Dominican Republic2016-04-042016-04-24
3OD/OG2016Rio 2016 Summer OlympicsBrazil flag  Brazil2016-04-012016-08-30
26AT/SES/8080 Years of Spitfire AircraftEngland flag  England2016-03-052016-03-19
1LR/ITA 029ATTIVAZIONE DEL FARO DI CAPO MURRO DI PORCO SRItaly flag  Italy2016-03-042016-03-06
162AT-0TeamDemocratic Republic Of Congo flag  Democratic Republic Of Congo2016-02-282016-03-22
30AT/ACBCup Basketball King of SpainSpain flag  Spain2016-02-182016-02-21
19AT/NHDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/FRDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/FLDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/UTDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/DRDutch Provinces SES 2016 Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/ZHDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/ZLDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/OVDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/GRDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/LBDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/NBDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
19AT/GLDutch Provinces SES 2016Netherlands flag  Netherlands2016-02-012016-02-29
26AT/ENG277HAMPSHIRE LIGHTEngland flag  England2016-02-012017-12-31
161AT/ECCWrocław - European Capital of Culture 2016Poland flag  Poland2016-01-162016-02-16
1RC/SRSES Prvincia Siracusa EU025 Sicily Is.Italy flag  Italy2016-01-142016-11-30
RFI/MCRFI/MERRY CHRTSTAMSUnknown prefix flag  Unknown prefix0000-00-000000-00-00
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