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Have been an avid operator on the 11mtr since 1981 starting on AM then Multi Band which opened up the world to me thanks to SSB and a good antenna.

Things have progressed since them days with radio technology which has opened another door into the digital modes.

My radio is a Kenwood TS-870 fed into a Silver Rod 5/8th Wave antenna. I use a panadaptor with the Kenwood, an SDR RSP- II and SDR console on Windows 10 Pro so that I can visualy see the band I am on.

SDR Console also controls the Kenwood radio using omni-rig software. Other than Voice MOdes I use RTTY, PSK, CW, Analog SSTV & Digital SSTV.

The 11mtr band is a far cry than what it use to be back in the 80s you had to fight to get a clear channel and holding a QSO on the calling channels was unheard of. Its a shame that those who now frequent UK CB channels are nothing but abusive kretinns.

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email: 26WK007@mail.com


Sheffield, UK


Transceiver: Yaesu FT-2000
Microphone: Yaesu MD-1 Dynamic Microphone
Amplifier: RM station 550

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