26MU876 - Paul


My Call is 26mu876 or Sometime 26LR876 I was originally from Liverpool and I moved in 2010 to The city of Leeds County West Yorkshire I Love working the 11 when we have good conditions in the UK sometimes I do like to work on the AM Mode When the Superbowl is active The main Radio that I use for the 11-meter band is the president Lincoln 1 and the A99 antenna that is about 25 feet from the ground.

QSL Address

Email me for you QSL Card 100% send by post No contribution its a hobby and not a business to send or receive qsl cards.


Middleton West Yorkshire the City of Leeds , uk


Transceiver: President Jackson 1
Microphone: Astatic 575 -M6- UR6QW Compressor Box
Antenna: Siro 827


My Events

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