1ODI112 - Gabriele Cataldi


Dott. Gabriele Cataldi

Born in Velletri (Rome, Italy) in July 1977.
Doctor of Nursing, Senior Researcher in Earthquake Prediction, Head at Radio Emissions Project, Author, Scientific popularizer.

Nurse Member of International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISFTeH).

Nurse Member of NHS Foundation.

ORCID Number: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5328-1393

Part of my literary works: https://www.ltpaobserverproject.com/pubblicazioni.html

Radio operator for the 11 meters band since 1994, today I live in Albano Laziale (Rome, Italy). My station is equipped with a GPE 27 5/8 antenna; low loss rg58; Alan48 Precision Series, CRT2000H, CRTSS6900N V6; Falkos Mod. 2000 SWR+Wattmeter; Zetagi M11-45 transmatch; Hyperflex 5 cable for connection; Zetagi M93 micrphone.

In addition to this I deal with electromagnetic monitoring for the SELF-VLF band (0.001-30000Hz) and I am the founder of an international scientific research project dedicated to the monitoring and study of electromagnetic seismic precursors. I design and build radio receivers for the SELF-VLF band.

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Albano Laziale (Rome), Italy



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