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I am Johan 19AT367 and 62 years old
Living in a village with enclave Belgium Netherlands

Baarle is a village that extends over two municipalities: the Belgian Baarle-Hertog and the Dutch Baarle-Nassau. The Belgian part consists of 22 exclaves (in 1995 the boundaries were definitively established and a former neutral grassland was the 22nd exclave). The exclavess in turn enclose seven pieces of Dutch territory; Belgium itself is an eighth piece near Vengala. There are three quadripunten.
Because the land borders have divided some parcels, some buildings are right on it. This is the case for a subsidiary of Seaman. For those properties the "front door rule": Their address is in the country in which their front door lies. [1] Exception to this is a dwelling in the street Love with a Belgian (#2) as well as Dutch (#19) front door. Conveniently all house numbers got a flag

Hello DX friends I started a facebook group and would love it if you joined to share experience and knowledge

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