19RF1020 - Fabian


Hey there!
My name is Fabian, a 20Year Old fella, whos new to DXing

Ive listened to the band for several years, and i am finally trying to get my own personal signal out there!
As making QSOs is difficult as a beginner, please bare with me as im still trying to get the hang of it,

My hardware here is decent, my antenna location on the other hand, is not
Due to circumstances, my antenna is focussed north, and for now i am unable to change this factor
Due to this, i can only work in good conditions, and will definetely try to reach anyone i receive

If i receive you, i hope you receive me

For more information, contact me
On all chats im @TGCFabian

Greetings and 73!

QSL Address

As i rather not give out my address, i only accept eQSL


Zwolle, Netherlands


Transceiver: Yaesu FT-891, with Yaesu FC-50 Tuner
Antenna: Moonraker GPA 80 HF


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